(Greek) Γεώργιος Δημογέροντας (Greek) Νευροχειρουργός - Χειρουργός Σπονδυλικής Στήλης



“There is no value either in art without practice or in practice without art.”


“It is not possible for anyone to know medicine until he knows what man is.”


A neurosurgeon is the doctor specialized in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the central and peripheral nervous system disorders. Neurosurgeons also deal with brain and spine injuries, tumors, vascular disorders, brain or spinal infections, and strokes. Strict, multi-annual and continuous training and specialization are required for becoming a neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeons should attend annual workshops and conferences, and conduct research so they can be on top of things in this domain.
  • Εικόνα - Οσφυϊκή διαδερμική μικροδισκεκτομή

    Lumbar microdiscectomy

    Lumbar microdiscectomy Surgical technique Percutaneous lumbar microdiscectomy, that is a discectomy performed with the assistance of tubes and the surgical…

  • Οπτική αναπαράσταση σπονδυλοδεσίας

    Spinal Fusion

    Possibly the most misunderstood surgical technique in spinal diseases treatment. It has been applied to almost all spinal diseases, from…

  • Neurosurgeon’s Resume

    Dr. Georgios Dimogerontas, MD, MSc, PhDDirector of Neurosurgery – Spine Surgeon Georgios Dimogerontas is a neurosurgeon specialized in both classic…

  • Απεικόνιση ακτινοχειρουργικής


    Radiosurgery Gamma knife and Cyber knife are the most advanced tools in Neurosurgery and Radiotherapy. Their goal is to mainly…

  • Απεικόνιση αγγειακών εγκεφαλικών επεισοδίων


    How common are strokes? Strokes are the third most frequent cause of death after heart diseases and cancer. How are…

  • Απεικόνιση υδροκέφαλου


    What is Hydrocephalus? The term hydrocephalus defines the abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the normal brain cavities and,…

  • Διεγχειρητική νευροπαρακολούθηση


    Neuromonitoring General information Neuromonitoring is used intraoperatively when the brain or the bone marrow need to be handled. This method…

  • Απεικόνιση νευροπλοήγησης


    Neuronavigation Thanks to neuronavigation, the surgeon can navigate in the most hidden paths of the human brain, just like GPS…

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  • Discoplasty with Discogel

    Discoplasty with Discogel

    Discoplasty is one of the most modern and minimally invasive treatment methods for lower back pain without sciatica, for dorsodynia, and also the neck pain caused by discopathy (degeneration of intervertebral discs, black disc) or a disc herniation. It can be combined effectively with the MAST treatment in order to treat this disease. Discoplasty and

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  • The role of Minimally Invasive Surgery in modern neurosurgery

    The role of Minimally Invasive Surgery in modern neurosurgery

    In 1762, Dr. Hunter wrote about surgeries in general: “Knowledge will turn surgeries into operations without a knife and with no blood loss!” The end of the 20th century was marked by the establishment of the laparoscopy. Since then, operations are being performed with the smallest incision possible. At the same time, along with minimally

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