Discoplasty with GelStix

Discoplasty is one of the most modern and minimally invasive treatment methods for lower back pain without sciatica, for dorsodynia, and also the neck pain caused by discopathy (degeneration of intervertebral discs, black disc) without a disc herniation. It consists of the subcutaneous placement of one to three hydrogel implants (GelStix) in solid format in the inside of the degenerated intervertebral lumbar or cervical disc.


This technique is performed in an organized operating room under aseptic and antiseptic conditions in order to prevent contamination.

The intradiscal gel is administered with an injection with no incision, in the inside of the intervertebral disc that has been identified with the assistance of the clinical picture and the MRI scan. The intervertebral disc is located with the assistance of the portable X-ray machine (C-arm).

General anesthesia is not required for the placement of the implants; only local anesthesia is required with an anesthetic like xylocaine.

For lumbar and thoracic discs, the patient lies face-down because the access is posterolateral. For cervical discs, the patient lies face-up with a light extension of the head because the access is anterolateral.

Two implants are required for the thoracic discs, while for the lumbar discs, up to three implants may be required.

The duration of this operation is about 20 minutes.

The results are immediate and satisfactory in most cases of lower back pain, dorsodynia, or neck pain. Its effectiveness seems to increase the simultaneous beginning of the MAST treatment whenever this is indicated.

No hospitalization is usually required and the patient returns home on the same day, instructed to avoid stress on the back for 15 days and to start physical therapy sessions.