Thermal Ablation of spinal bone metastases

Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation of spinal bone metastases is an innovative and minimally invasive surgery (OS TEOCOOL TM, RadioFrequency minimal invasive thermal ablation)

which covers for the weakness of the classic radiotherapy.

OsteoCool TM can be performed in every type of spinal bone metastases (osteoblastic and osteolytic) as well as radioresistant tumors where radiotherapy cannot be performed (such as metastases by melanoma, thyroid, intestine, or kidney cancer) without the risk of any radiotherapy complications (blood complications, radiation myelitis, radiation dermatitis, etc.).

OsteoCool TM can be applied percutaneously with a minimally invasive technique, even without general anesthesia, and the patient is not required to discontinue their pharmaceutical or chemotherapeutic treatment. With this method, the thermal ablation of the metastatic tumor is achieved and this results in the fast decrease of the pain (up to 95%) and the major decrease of opioid painkillers administration. It has also been observed that the possibility of the expansion of metastasis is decreased (3.2% per damage level).

Finally, this method can be combined with other minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as kyphoplasty or percutaneous spinal fusion

if there is a need for spinal support or spinal mobility limitation.